Hadley Wickham: A Data Visualization is simply this: a mapping of data to aesthetics (color, shape, size) of geometric objects (points, lines, bars)

Much has already been said and written about Data Visualization. Please keep this in mind if you are reading posts that are tagged with Data Visualization. Most of the time my posts will be deep dives, where I use certain technologies to tackle certain challenges or describe how some technologies can be used in not that obvious scenarios. In an era where we are wading permanently through masses of data, trying hard to not getting drowned, Data Visualization helps me a lot to survive.

Whenever I visualize data I realize that there are two main themes:

  • Visually explore a dataset
  • Inform others by using visual means (I'm not talking about Infographics)

Both come with their own challenges, for this reason all my Data Visualization posts, will also be tagged with "explore visually" or "inform visually".