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Prelude to data modeling

The following article provides a gentle introduction to data modeling with Power BI

Prelude to data modeling with Power BI

the power bi data model

This article provides a short introduction into the world of the Power BI data model.

Tables, columns, and some things related

This article provides an introduction to the world of tables and columns. As tables are at the very foundation of the data model it's necessary to have a solid understanding on how to model tables.

The article

Calculated columns and measures

The danger of the one-table solution



The benefits of strong relationships

Circular dependencies

Role-playing dimensions

Two "actors" for two "roles" vs one "actor" for two "roles"? Learn which approach is better when it comes to #datamodeling in #PowerBI.

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Bi-directional relationships

If you carefully follow our “Data Modeling” series, you may recall that I’ve used a theatre to illustrate the concept of role-playing dimensions. In this article, however, there will be no actors and no theatre…But, models with bi-directional relationships, or bi-directional filters if you prefer, can quickly turn into a tragedy!
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Parent-child hierarchies


out-of-the-box thinking

Disconnected tables

A different approach to the event-in-progress problem