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Power BI Service · 03. April 2021
Power BI Premium Per User - How to buy
Here I will describe how to buy a brand new SKU, namely the Power BI Premium Per User Add-on. This SKU can be used to upgrade existing Power BI Pro licenses, either if you purchased a Pro license separately or together with an M365 E5 subscription, if you want to unlock new capabilities. The purchase is rather simple, just go to the M365 Admin portal purchase the necessary number of licenses and assign the Add-on to existing users that already have a Power BI Pro license assigned. BE AWARE (1),...
Power BI Service · 03. Januar 2021
The Power BI Service Admin - mapping the hive
One of the most exciting things about being a Power BI service administrator is watching what's going on inside the service. This blog starts a series of articles on how to create your own Service Monitoring application using Power BI.
Power BI Service · 29. November 2020
This is the start of a series of articles that explain why the Power BI service admin can be considered being an agent of change helping enterprises becoming a data-enabled organization.