My Projects

It may seem odd to some of you readers, but I'm in the lucky situation that most of the tasks I have to tackle in my professional life, are very closely related to my hobbies. For this I'm also working on data things during my spare time. Here is the place where I will make these projects available. All of these projects are still under construction, for this reason I will give birth to the project first, that may also provide some use to you - the visitor of this side.

Analyzing R - with some help of Power BI

For a couple of years R is one of my favorite tools to analyze and visualize data. So, it seems quite obvious to analyze what's is going on in the R universe, all the more I'm able to use another great tool from my data analytics arsenal - Power BI.

Here you will find a Power BI Report, that already helps me to not get totally lost in R universe.