DAX · 14. Dezember 2022
Unlock an ample new world by seeing through a window
There are new DAX functions: INDEX, OFFSET, and WINDOW. These functions allow us to compose powerful filter tables that have not been possible before or at least require very complex DAX code. These functions come with additional clauses, namely ORDERBY and PARTITIONBY. PARTITIONBY enables the partitioning of a virtual table.
Power Query · 29. Mai 2022
Retrieve values from remote tables inside a query step (anonymous function / inline function)
Data Visualization · 16. Mai 2022
Field parameters - the dawning of a new era
Field parameters allow the report designer to switch the content of a visual with ease. This feature allows the report consumers to interact with data without needing to create their reports
Data Modeling · 24. April 2022
One of the powerful features of the Tabular data model is to extend the model by adding calculated columns and measures. Both objects are defined using DAX, but besides this similarity, they are entirely different beasts. Here you will find guidance when to use what!
Data Modeling · 23. Februar 2022
Extended tables - the sword by my side
The concept of extended tables is at the core of the query performance of Power BI datasets, but it is often overlooked. This article will hopefully change this.
Data Modeling · 20. Januar 2022
Relationships - the sword(s) of your data model
This article explains provides an introduction to relationships and why relationships can be considered a sword that helps to chop vast amounts of data into tiny pieces.
Data Modeling · 27. Dezember 2021
Tables, columns, and some things related
Tables and their columns are the very foundation of Power BI data models.
Data Modeling · 27. Dezember 2021
The Power BI data model
Data modeling and understanding the physical layer are comparable with being a good driver and a good car mechanic. It's unnecessary to excel in both areas. Still, it helps tremendously when driving an F1 car through uncharted terrain if there is some understanding of how an F1 car works if repair becomes necessary.,
DAX · 26. Dezember 2021
A duration is not the same as datetime!
This article is about durations. When we are looking at something like this: 2:00 We think, at least most of the people I know, an event that takes 2 hours. But when we change the notation just a little to 2:00 AM, we think: Whoa, that’s early (or late, depending on the perspective, of course).
Data Modeling · 07. Dezember 2021
Before we delve into the realm of Power BI data modeling (or Analysis Services Tabular), it's necessary to understand what this data modeling is all about. A thorough understanding of data modeling is vital because the Power BI data model determines the insights that can be derived and visualized from our data, leading us to better and more actionable decisions. Because we are striving for the ideal data model all the time, others call us obsessed with data modeling 😊 To get this...

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