Power BI · 13. Juni 2020
A common search strategy has to combine multiple items with an AND instead of the default OR. This Power BI file contains two DAX measures solving a search operation with the fancy name: relational division
DAX · 04. März 2020
This blog provides an introdution into some universal truths, of course things like evaluation context, or data lineage will be mentioned
Data Visualization · 12. August 2018
Using svg graphics to create information dense data visualizations often called microcharts or sparklines using the table and matrix visual in Power BI.
Power Query · 27. Juli 2018
Using a custom function in Power Query M to convert an ip4 address into a numeric value, with the help of List.Accumulate
Data Modeling · 06. Juni 2018
This post shows how a dynamic member called Other can be used for Data Visualizations in Power BI in addition to the common requirement of the visualization of the TOP N or BOTTOM N members. A solution is used that utilizes a combination of data modeling and DAX.
Power BI · 30. April 2018
This article is the starting point of a series of articles that demonstrates how to navigate through tables inside a Tabular Model, from Microsoft Analysis Services Tabular, Power Pivot or Power BI using DAX
Data Modeling · 16. März 2018
This post describes approaches how to virtual relationships between tables can be established using the DAX function TREATAS() and also approaches how to create physical relationships instead.
Power BI · 25. Februar 2018
Using Power BI, Azure SQL, Microsoft Flow to analyze what's going at SQLKonferenz 2018
Power BI · 22. Februar 2018
Using Power BI, Azure SQL, and MSFT Flow to analyze what's going on at sqlbits2018
21. Februar 2018
Often we use the Power of DAX statements to create complex calculations that provide tremendous insight into our data. But sometimes there are calculations that seem easy from an Excel point of view, but not possible in DAX. Excel provides the great possibility to create formulas referencing other cells or even ranges that reside in remote spreadsheets. One kind of this calculation type is the iterative application of an interest rate over a timeseries to an investment where the amount of...

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