Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric · 30. Dezember 2023
Reading and writing JSON files
JSON is a straightforward, text-based data-interchange format fully independent of any programming language. This simplicity is why JSON documents have become so widespread. Often the result of querying a REST API is returned as a JSON document, but this is not the only use case why I consider it important to get familiar with reading from and writing to a JSON file.
Microsoft Fabric · 22. Oktober 2023
Select, Detect, Act, or why I consider Reflex being a watchdog
Reflex is many things next to one of the workloads of Microsoft Fabric. Before I delve into these things in more detail in later articles (yes, maybe this is the birth of another series of articles), I want to say this: Reflex is cool. It was never that simple to watch your data in your Power BI datasets (and this is only one of the capabilities of Reflex). Because I need images whenever I try to understand things, I start with a simple image of Reflex: I consider Reflex a watchdog! Reflex is...
Microsoft Fabric · 17. Oktober 2023
Power BI Gateway monitoring and more using Microsoft Fabric
No matter what, when the Power BI on-premises gateways are not working as expected, data will not refresh, and direct query queries will not succeed. It's almost simple to create a monitoring solution using Microsoft Fabric