The Power BI data model

As already mentioned, this series is more about the logical layer of data modeling. Still, it's also good to understand the underlying mechanics, e.g., how the data is stored physically. For this reason, some of the upcoming articles in this series will provide technical details (maybe to a significant amount 😊) as these details will play an important role, e.g., if optimizing a model becomes necessary. 


Data modeling and understanding the physical layer are comparable with being a good driver and a good car mechanic. It's unnecessary to excel in both areas. Still, it helps tremendously when driving an F1 car through uncharted terrain if there is some understanding of how an F1 car works if repair becomes necessary.,


This series of articles considers the data modeler being the driver:

  • Tables, columns, and some things related
  • Calculated columns and measures
  • Dangers of the one table solution

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