Artikel mit dem Tag "DataVisualization"

Data Visualization · 12. November 2023
The (better) rectangular pie chart
Using Deneb helps to add the visual hints of a pie chart to a stacked bar chart.
Data Visualization · 16. Mai 2022
Field parameters - the dawning of a new era
Field parameters allow the report designer to switch the content of a visual with ease. This feature allows the report consumers to interact with data without needing to create their reports
Data Visualization · 03. April 2021
The pineapple pizza debate, or why pie charts are not that evil
This blog is about one visualization task. In particular, this task is called part-to-whole. Effective visualizations will reveal the contribution of a single item to the whole, as Claus Dieter Wilke calls this in his book "Fundamentals of Data Visualization": "… visualizing proportions … as part of the total." and how this task can be solved using Power BI, now and even more important in the future.
Data Visualization · 22. September 2020
How to display the Total data label in Power BI the - the new way!
Data Visualization · 12. August 2018
Using svg graphics to create information dense data visualizations often called microcharts or sparklines using the table and matrix visual in Power BI.